Lisset Perrier 1:1 MENTORING -in person
Lisset Perrier 1:1 MENTORING -in person
Lisset Perrier 1:1 MENTORING -in person
Lisset Perrier 1:1 MENTORING -in person
Lisset Perrier 1:1 MENTORING -in person

Lisset Perrier 1:1 MENTORING -in person

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This special workshop is for all photographers who want to learn how to become a storyteller and how to capture the true soul of the child. I will share my secrets and show you a new “light” to your own photographic art.  Shooting with me, chat about; gear, light, angles, techniques, all questions answered… nothing hidden!

I will lead you in how I approach different shooting conditions while we shoot side by side creating magical and storytelling images. You will learn how I create my “creative" images, composition, and working with children, and I will show you step by step how I edited some of your images.

~A gift from you   ~I will teach you how to create a composite from start to finish, complete detailed hand edits. 

HANDS-ON SHOOTING:  We will shoot together, I will show you how to guide your little model so you both become ONE.… showing you how I find the perfect natural light ..

BUSINESS & GEAR: Talking about gear, settings, angles and capturing your perfect image.

EDITING: Knowledge of Photoshop is a must (I use Photoshop CC  & LR).
My editing is not a beginner PS course…. but I will 100% answer any questions or concerns in my editing process. In my workflow,  I will show you my 100% HAND EDITING…no actions. You will see how I edit from start to finish, and how I create special scenes that peek the imagination, and ignite your photographic senses.

I will answer any questions pertaining to my workflow, including what gear & settings and social networking… you name it. I hold NOTHING back.

Find sweet lighting, posing that accentuates your surroundings, and the camera settings & position to compliment it all. At the end of the day, it’s all about getting your shot RIGHT in camera.

Learn to pose, get to know your camera & proper settings for the environment you are shooting…. the PHOTOGRAPHY WORLD IS YOURS!

  • *1:1 Mentoring is for Fine Art session only
  • * Non-refundable, though if you are unable to attend you may sell your seat.
  • *1:1 Mentoring is not available to anyone within 30-mile radius of 80817
  • *Not included or offered to those who also teach & offer online mentoring or editing.
  • *Seats are for maximum  (3) people and not to be shared by multiple persons.
  • *Videotaping is forbidden, though notes are encouraged.
  • *I may refund and cancel any purchase made if I find a viable reason for termination.