Florida Skies (20)

Florida Skies (20)

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Real sky overlays!!  These are some of the skies I use for my work. I tend to use my own overlays!  makes the images stand out as they aren’t stock sky overlay photographs. They are original one of a kind sky overlays that can be used for a multitude of different images. Even in the forest they can be used in between trees. 

More of a drop and drag into your image so that it blends nicely with your  natural depth of field and to make your work look more realistic, as they aren’t overly saturated skies. Simply create a multiply layer, or mask around your subject.. or plop these overlays on in there and create a mask into the image. Either mask on or mask off… after proper alignment. 

I hope you enjoy these skies for years to come!!! I can’t wait to see what sunsets bring me this year!!!