Painterly Edit /Little Jude/

Painterly Edit /Little Jude/

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This post process tutorial we cover so many tips and tricks that we don't have enough space to list everything! You’ll learn about:

  • Selecting accurate tools for a painterly look

  • Curves control 

  • Textures   
  • High Pass Sharpen

  • Camera Raw

During this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to adjust tones. You will learn a series of dodge and burn methods and see how easy it is to add a detailed/painted look to your image to make it stand out. In the end, you will have a show-stopping photo that’s sure to impress the rest.

• Image is edited by hand I only used my skin action not included 

• My tutorials are for photographers who have an understanding of layers and layer masks.

Texture I used not included  you can get it here

• Purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE due to the nature of the product.

For Personal and professional use only

Skin Action HERE